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Formula 1 Team Principal Fran Tost warns Daniil Kyvat over a much-needed attitude change

Daniil Kyvat is hanging by a narrow thread and is two penalty points away from F1 race ban. Currently slapped with 10 penalty points on incidents like; clashes with Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen at the Austria Grand Prix, a careless clash with teammate Carlos Sainz in Britain, and most recently a career threatening incident with Lance Stroll in Hungarian GP.

Tost elaborated Kyvat’s condition where he is unable to convert his good starts. He is being accused of being impatient by a large section of the pundits, and Tost reiterated with the same. Tost complimented Kyvat on his pace, but the lack of discipline and maturity could rip his career apart. In his bid to become successful and a winner, he is trying to overtake in places where there is practically no chance to do so. Tost expressed his concerns citing that this might be effects of frustration or mental dissatisfaction.

Red Bull ready to take on the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes with Renault needed to provide the needed ammunition

Renault needs to revamp and enhance engine modes as Horner feels Red Bull along with Renault is set to go all guns blazing in F1 this season. Horner remains sceptic of Renault’s desire of being the best, but the French based automotive seems to have unearthed the success mantra to make it big from now on. Horner has quashed any dispute regarding technical factors and boasted highly of Renault’s significant improvement over the course of few seasons.

Citing Max Verstappen’s latest race, Horner identified problems related to the latter part of the race, where Max could not make the most of it after a promising Q1 and Q2 exploits. Renault remains destined for 2018 Power unit spot, although Horner refrained from giving any further insights. Horner is not expecting any miracle to take place in Austria but expects his team to perform admirably under hostile circumstances.

Kimi Raikkonen shows his zeal to achieve better

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen is enjoying a decent season after surpassing his own tally of the previous season along with four podiums and has exhibited top speed with commendable authority. However, Riki is disappointed with the results and wants to push for more. Kimi wants to stand on the podium to portray stellar consistency and revealed that he hasn’t been at his best till now. Ferrari rates highly of Kimi alongside teammate Vettel and will look to extend them a contract for 2018. Raikkonen hasn’t pointed in any specific direction where he is going to head next year but looked assured of his and his team’s decision. Kimi has urged his team to put in more effort and expects Ferrari to finish the season on a high. 



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