The Future Of F1

The Future Of F1

Much has been said about F1 becoming a dwindling sport with a lot of change being requested and spoken about. Viewership dips and bounces back up, uncertainty of ownership continues to trouble the sport and the rules and regulations are in desperate need of reforming. This article will look at what the future could possibly hold for Formula One and the direction it is heading in.


This week we saw the Brazilian Grand Prix won by Rosberg, with Hamilton and Vettel also placing. The race was viewed by 4.57 million viewers, a huge increase in viewership for F1, this increase is up 20% since 2013. But the viewership has not been this good throughout the year, the sport is not considered a competitive sport by the general population, it seems to be dwindling with Mercedes dominating the sport making it boring to watch. Taking into account that there was no football on television meaning there was no TV competition, so the only live sport on would have been the Grand Prix. However, the championship has been pretty much decided and it looks like Hamilton will clinch the win, with team partner Nico Rosberg finishing in 2nd. As the viewership has spikes due to different circumstances e.g. time of day, what else is on the television at the time, certain races are watched more it is hard to work out an average but it has definitely increased since 2013. Hamilton, driver for Mercedes and current reigning champion said that the ‘incredibly boring’ practice sessions highlight how F1 can be changed. He also said that the Brazilian Grand Prix was ‘mundane.’

Current chief of the F1 franchise; Bernie Ecclestone, has said that he will sell the franchise before the next season. The changing hands of the franchise will no doubt cause a few problems, but it could also completely revitalise the sport with fresh ideas and a business strategy which could make the sort more competitive. With all involved in the sport requesting changes it is hard to pick something to focus on. Many say the cars need to be faster to cure the issues the sport has, some want to bring back the popular ‘tyre war’ and Eccleston himself said that ‘the rules need looking at’ after the complex rulebook has been criticised. A lot of people have been saying that F1 is a dying sport and that in 15 years it won’t exist, but the current boost in views says otherwise.preview_COLOURBOX10590722

The American answer to F1 is NASCAR, this sport is huge in America but it too is facing criticism and a slump in viewership. It appears the more competitive and and less predictable sports are becoming more and more popular with the less competitive and more predictable sports flagging behind. Formula One seriously needs to think about reforming and going back to the competitive, high flying and dangerous sport it once was. Maybe the change in ownership will do this, or maybe a reform of rules, even a revamp of the cars could change it all.


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