Sebastian Vettel confident on push next year

Sebastian Vettel is happy with the progress him and Ferrari have made this year winning three races already. He is hoping that next year’s Formula 1 chance will see him push Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes further to try and win the World Championships.

Sebastian Vettel next year will have all new gear with a brand new machine. The new car will not be on the road for testing until at least next February. However, Vettel is confident all the hard work going into the car by all the engineers will be pay of when the World Championships commence next season. Behind the scenes he says everyone is working very hard to get everything ready in time so they can chase the World Championship next year.

He has said he needs to see what happens with the new car when it is ready to go on the rack for test runs. He is confident it will be a good motor that will compete with the top cars in the world. He feels that the new car that has been developed for him to take Ferrari to the top and match what Lewis Hamilton has done this World Championships with Mercedes.

Now for Sebastian Vettel he has two races this year that he will want to do as best as he can. However, he can’t help but be excited for the new machine he will have to use next year when he fights to take the World Championships of reigning champion Lewis Hamilton.

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