NASCAR – the North American Giant Circuit of Racing!!

NASCAR – the North American Giant Circuit of Racing!!

Every weekend, 8 months a year, people pack into stadiums across southern America to watch cars race around an oval track. In fact, it isn’t only in the South, as Americans would , likely claim, as the sport has spread in popularity across America, and throughout the world. The first point to remember is the sheer financial dominance of the sports. IN the world of privately funded venture teams, NASCAR racers hold very large and real corporate sponsors who pay absolutely top dollar for car advertising rights. The other point to consider is the relative precision and concentration required on the driving side.

Much like the driving and team preparation of cars, reliant on NASCAR specs requirements, camera work on these races for finding the perfect photograph is not so simple as one might think.

NASCAR is KING in America!

Consider that the number of laps is considerably boring, perhaps, but the spectacle of passing and interesting camera angles is relatively minimal, and generally just once or twice in a 200 – 500 lap race. Cars moving over 200 miles per hour, as Americans say, provide about a split second chance, once a or maybe twice a race to get a true action shot. The remainder of the time, the shot may actually look like a still shot due the track smoothness and engine preparation.
Due to financial juggernot scheduling, gaining a camera pass can be very difficult for these events, and camera-people should definitely consider a. that they must have an existing portfolio, preferably from the NASCAR circuit, although a smaller circuit will do if it is published; and b. that contacting individual drivers for regional services may be beneficial, but that NASCAR rules and services are extremely advanced. Without a camera-person pass, getting a professional shot will not be easy…


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