Motorsport rider Tom Ingram to stay with Speedworks Motorsport in 2017

The young champion, Tom Ingram says he will remain with Speedwork motors for the 2017 British Touring Champions. The announcement comes after he is successfully winning two wins and four additional podium finishes. The 23-year-old started the season with a style after he successfully won the Brands Hatch Indy circuit and continued steadily throughout the entire season. The second win was a sure thing after the Triple Eight were excluded leaving the Brands Hatch Gp the chance.

Even after winning his Toyota Avensis position two on Saturday, something that would have secured him an average qualifier crown, Ingram was later be taken back to position fourteen, after failing the ride height. The young man was dragged back up. Even with such discouraging moments, Ingram has remained disciplined and focused.

After following this trend up to 6th and 9th of the final two races, Ingram says that his goal is still being met and promised to return to Speed Work next season. The speed and the agility of the car simply guarantees a win.

Speaking of the Touring car times, the young champion stated that his goal had been met, by at least winning and by getting a pole and a podium. The fact that he has remained in the average qualifier proves and promises that he is up to the test and that the car is simply more than convenient.

Ingram also reflected on the past difficulties especially in achieving such important goals in life. The young champion has nothing but praise for the work they have done in the past. For Ingram, the past and its difficulties are just stepping stones for both success and the design of a new, stronger car. With more car advancement, it comes with numerous wins through the season.

The season ended with Ingram having 219 points at position 10th. He also secured 4th position in the independence behind Mat Jackson, Andrew Jordan and Adam Morgan. Additionally, Tim Ingram helped the squad of Christian Dick to secure the third position in the independent team standing. Dick himself submitted and acknowledged most of these 2016 goals and achievements. For him, it’s a tight journey but with numerous benefits. In fact, most of their dreams have been meeting successfully. After from the pride of their work, Dick believes every race comes with its opportunity for success with a completely new target.

The enthusiasm the Champions have in approaching the next fall season is just enormous. With several wins and making podiums, Ingram believes that next year shall be the best. The patency and the efficiency of the car only says it all. The dominant Speedworks Motorsport are simply the best, with these cars, one has nothing to fear even in dark and sharp corners due to the stability, agility and the speed of the vehicle. The speed and the ability to turn in sharp corners simply assures the driver of the safety and a sure win.


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