Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Not much more need be said than “Monte Carlo” because it is essentially the holy grail of all racing. Ironically, while infinitely respected as the most lucrative and intriguing stop on the racing circuit, many experts scoff at the course difficulty and the fan-base – referring to it as a tourist race.

That said, Monte Carlo has done more for all motor racing than any other race with perhaps exception to the American Indianapolis 500. The Monte Carlo provides a plethora of opportunity on a number of levels of photography because you can find race packages that include hotel and sol on, even all inclusive, air fair to one of the most beautiful areas on earth.

Monte Carlo is THE Home of Racing!

Once there, although you should have explicitly requested photo passes at every level of your planning; you can usually find some very solid local knowledge, including apartments which you can rent for the day, if you have a professional camera. The social aspect of this race can not be overstated, if you are lucky, but the entrepreneurial atmosphere which has developed over the years has most locals trying to make a franc, or now a euro off the event.
That said, if you plan something comprehensive, you will return from southern France with hundreds of photos of amazing vistas, beautiful beaches, breath-taking people, and cars that will slow down to speeds an amateur could photograph, and then excel to speeds that require elite equipment. It doesn’t hurt to be a gearhead, but a photo-head will do just fine – and, when all is said and done, being a tourist at a beach resort, for a few days suits anybody in the world.

Motorboat Racing – Feel the Waves!
Motorboat racing has long been defined by epic speeds and dangerous airtime and the water eludes the boats hull at times, keeping spectators very intrigued from beginning to end.
It’s no lie that motorboat racing has accumulated a massive following amongst the grassroots engine heads because the motors have to withstand shakes and impact that is far advanced from that of smoother ground races. The reputation of the fans takes a dive due to the crashes that have set fear into the most brave people on earth, keeping people away from the sport, and maintaining the grassroots development of the drivers and their crews.
In certain areas throughout the world, namely in the Florida region of the united states, motorboat racing has induced a cult following because many of the people who take part in the activity grew up on water suitable for it’s practice. Boats were fixed amongst family and friends.
So, finding the rights photo is a measure of practice as well. First, you have to find the event location. It’s not always as easy as the prime San Diego, CA race spots, and then you will have to navigate amongst the local experts to know the best spots. Granted, a long view lense is essential, but there can be course and turns where, if you are willing to hold your breathe, you can steal a shot of the turn in action.

Pure Speed!

Rest assured, the best shots are still lensed shots that somehow encapsulate the sheer speed, and that’s where camera quality is essential. Aside from that, the speed will reflect against the water.


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