Legends of Formula 1

Alberto Ascari

Do you know who crawls the no. 1 of our list that’s right? Alberto Ascari is the most beloved champions of Formula 1 racing. Much-admired for watchful exactness and precise driving, he won the F1 big showdown in 1952 and 1953.

This unprecedented driver was famously gullible and attempted his best to maintain a strategic distance from sick destiny.

But then he neglected to stay away from a lethal misfortune, soon he passed away in an incident.

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Alain Prost

Alain Prost approached his track winning races and titles, and when he cleared out, he was four-time best on the planet and had most Grand Prix triumphs to his name.

This informs us about the ability he possesses the great Alain Prost, who is known for his reasoning nature, was nicknamed ‘The Professor’.


Ayrton Senna

Some apprehended him by a virtuoso. Ayrton Senna clear-fell in the similar division. Also, he remains the main Formula One champion to grasp his keep going on the race track as though his life had been bound by the Almighty for the track.

The individuals who saw him driving concluded that he was the best driver the world has ever created. Had he lived, who knows?


Jack Brabham

Jack Brabham holds the refinement of being the leading driver to wind up distinctly champion in his very own auto brand. Both a specialist architect and driver, he won three F1 big showdowns.

He turned into the primary Formula 1 driver to get an honour, for his commitment to the game which included satisfying youthful drivers and supporting his ideal life.


Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart changed the way Formula 1 racing created. Safety in F1 races is his biggest legacy. Drivers learnt a polished skill from him and he equally assumed a dynamite part in missing Formula One matches was the commercial potential. What’s more, as a driver, he was surely awesome winning the big fights of 1969, 1971 and 1973.


Jacques Villeneuve

Records don’t coordinate the effect of Jacques Villeneuve on the game. A bright and disputable champion, he never did unpretentious fairness to his monstrous ability.

A look at his ability demonstrates that he began with a blast and after that slid unabatedly. He practically won the driving title on his starter, developed successfully in his second, and afterwards, he began his trip downwards, in a row.


Juan Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio is viewed by numerous as the best driver ever. He overwhelmed the main decade of Formula 1 competition. On winning the driver’s title five positions, and in the way making a record which remained for a long time.

What’s more, he won these titles with four distinct teams. In spite of the fact that the record of driver’s title has been broken now by Michael Schumacher, the last accomplishment is still superb.


Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is apparently viewed as the best driver ever. He obscured the record of previous Formula One champion Juan Manuel Fangio of holding five titles.

At the point when Schumacher resigned, he had seven driving titles and held about each record in the book. After 16 seasons at the top, he was still unbeaten.



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