Latest news on Motorsports

Latest news on Motorsports

McLaren look to Renault for new engines

Finally, it seems that McLaren has taken a step forward. After three long and not so good years of Honda engines, McLaren finally seeks goodbye. The decision though is yet to be made official and will be made in the following few days. McLaren now have struck a deal with Renault sports for 2018. But as usual, there are a lot of complications. The contract with Honda has to end amicably. While on the other hand, Renault is only open to supply to either McLaren or Toro Rosso. Meanwhile, if McLaren want Renault, the alternative of Honda to supply to Toro Rosso has to take place. Also, McLaren has its own set of problems. They first have to make sure that former champion and star driver Fernando Alonso stays with them. Then the budget and the payouts play a big role in all this. Honda also added £100 million every year to McLaren. Although McLaren has stated it can acquire the funds required, many things have to be kept in mind. There are a lot of formalities to be taken care of and lots of deals to be worked out. It all remains to be seen when and what McLaren ends up doing. 

Porsche interested in F1 with the new 2021 engine

German giants Porsche is interested in F1 with its new 2021 engines. Porsche recently ended its involvement with the World Endurance Championships LMP1 course. The championship reportedly demanded a high budget, as close to that of F1, while providing much lesser marketing and sponsorships. Instead, Porsche, a member of the Volkswagen group, has committed itself to the Formula E series. The company is busy in the production of the new and powerful engine which will replace the current V6 hybrid engine. Lutz Meschke, the financial chief of Porsche, is quite keen on adding their name to the F1 card. In fact, there have been talks with the management of the F1 after the Italian Grand Prix. Although he later said that Porsche would supply engines to the teams in the F1.

Honda suffers yet another engine malfunction

Things have been quite tough for auto giants Honda as of late. Stoffel Vandoorne was very much in a top 10 position when his car suffered a power failure and had to be called back to the pit. Honda head Yusuke Hasegawa has initiated an investigation into the issue, but he suspects that the problem was same as the last time. Moments before the race, the crew had identified an issue with the MGU-K shaft, and another engine had to be substituted. Although an in-depth search will be conducted, initial reports suggest some kind of manufacturing defect. This is rather unfortunate since Honda has bee plagued with difficulties all year long. ollow our latest betting tips here.


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