Latest Motorsports News

Latest Motorsports News

Red Bull lashes out at the conservative engine mode for its failure in Brazilian Grand Prix

Red Bull has enjoyed a decent start to the second half of the season, but there display at The Brazilian Grand Prix was far from their best. Red Bull’s first half of the season was being plagued with reliability problems, but the need to wind down to ensure no further damage has left boss Christian Horner fuming. Horner has strongly criticized the combination of tracks as well which piled on to their ongoing engine problems. Horner explained that Verstappen couldn’t go full throttle even within two seconds timeframe as the tyres would wear out disastrously.

Verstappen carried on his good form and looked like he has covered Kimi for good, but that is when the tyres started to wear out. Horner described it as one of those days where Red Bull lacked the speed and mechanism to take on the cars ahead. However, Horner who was well disappointed not to make it to the podiums said that despite all their zeal and want it was the best decision to slow down as, else a heavier loss was looming over their head. Horner also mentioned that the Brazilian Grand Prix is more Power sensible than the Mexican Grand Prix.



Fernando Alonso issues warning to Toro Rosso over Honda engines

The two-time champion endured a frustrating display at the Brazilian Grand Prix after spending much of his time chasing down William’s Felipe Massa. Alonso complained that he couldn’t achieve full speed throughout the race, and even when he appeared faster in the corners he had no solution to beat the Brazilian on straight. Alonso also said that it looked like the ones behind him were 50km/h quicker than him even with the DRS enabled. He said that the same thing happened in Mexico, and with or without DRS, the problems looks to be the same.

Alonso is desperate to end the season with the Abu Dhabi Prix still waiting in the wings, and he would be finally relieved of driving in such conditions. Alonso said that even with such power packed batteries and DRS, it looks impossible to take down your rival on the straight.


Gunther Steiner addresses the stewards issue

Gunther Steiner went all guns blazing at the stewarding issue that has been plaguing many races in recent times with the latest being of Romain Grosjean getting penalized. Grosjean crashed onto Esteban Ocon and sent the latter into retirement, but later apologised and said that it was involuntarily, but could not understand why he was handed a 10 seconds penalty and two points on his license. Steiner compared it with an earlier incident where Grosjean was a victim of Lance Stroll caused accident, but Stroll was only handed third-place grid penalty and one point on his license.


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