Latest Motorsport News

Latest Motorsport News

Hamilton reveals life-changing factors as his key to success

Lewis Hamilton is already a cut above his peers, but his hunger to achieve more has helped him record an insurmountable feat. The 32-year old is on the brink of claiming his 4th World Championship after finishing first at the United States Grand Prix. Hamilton has mentioned Nico Rosberg’s departure as a decisive factor in Mercedes’ overall dynamics. Lewis Hamilton also gave credit to his choice of turning into a vegan that have helped him stay at the top for a long time. Toto Wolff and Hamilton have always shared a critical relationship, but the latter revealed his December meeting with Toto changed the atmosphere of the team.

Hamilton expressed his gratefulness after turning into a vegan and that he feels more energetic and physically stronger than ever. Hamilton ranked his move to Mercedes as the best thing that has happened to him and the move of turning into a vegan his second best. Hamilton mentioned that he focuses more on building his game and refrains from any intra team rivalry that once sparked a fallout between Rosberg and Lewis. Hamilton spends most of the time at the factory or interacting with the engineers.

Christian Horner lashes out at the FIA

It is proving to be a diabolic season for Red Bull, and boss Christian Horner didn’t hold back his emotions and criticised the decision of stripping Verstappen of his 3rd place finish. The FIA ruled that Verstappen had gone off track to overtake Kimi Raikkonen. The stewards missed this completely, and the FIA sorted this out right before the podium presentation where Verstappen was given a 5 seconds penalty that dropped him to fourth place. Naturally, this riled up the Red Bull unit, and FIA had to face criticism flowing in from social media and pundits.

Horner defended Verstappen’s ‘Idiot’ remark in reference to a steward and said that emotions got the better of him and he has every right to express himself. Horner referred to the Mexican Grand Prix as the ‘Mexico Debacle’ and expected the FIA to take their lesson from it.

Ross Brawn suggests F1 to change its review system to avoid further Max Verstappen incident

In the wake of the Max Verstappen penalty incident, Ross Brawn has urged the F1 to reassess the review system, and make significant changes. F1 had to face rant from fans all over the World, and many felt Verstappen was hard done by as he was not given any chance to reason, and the decision to strip him of his position was taken in such haste. Videos have circulated on the Internet where drivers have gone off track at some point of their respective races, and incidents have gone unnoticed.



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