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Charles Leclerc edges past McLaren’s Stoffel Vandoorne on day1 of Formula 1’s post-Hungarian Grand Prix test at the Hungaroring

Leclerc put up a delightful show letting Ferrari clinch the quickest position after Vandoorne coped with a mechanical problem after an enthralling eight-hour session. Vandoorne produced an excellent performance after the initial hiccup, and his lap on the ultra soft tyres made him cover tremendous ground. Leclerc used Pirelli’s soft compound tyre to record 1m17.746 seconds. McLaren came in behind with the closest of margins, .088seconds.
Valtteri Bottas did not lag far behind and finished 0.096 seconds adrift of Leclerc. Get our latest betting tips here. 



Nico Hulkenberg chooses a quieter way out

After a nasty face off against rival Kevin Magnussen, the latter was spotted uttering “suck my balls, honey”, which sparked major outburst in the social media platform spicing up the Grand Prix even more. The Dane accused Nico of being unsupportive on the grid, which seems to have riled him up. Haan’s team owner has backed his driver stating such outbursts are common after receiving such irresponsible support.

Nico seemed to have avoided the controversy, but he was quick to make a strong yet humble statement. Nico urged fans to talk more about the race rather than blowing an insignificant incident out of proportion. Nico said that he treats Kevin like a small brother and he is happy that people are speaking up their mind, which seems to please the public largely. Nico seemed unfazed by the ongoing feud and spoke with a satisfactory smile on his cheeks.



Hotshot Kubica passes mandatory FIA extraction test

Robert Kubica looked in excellent shape after a fairly successful extraction test conducted by FIA. The gory crash that hampered Kubica’s 2011 season took a great toll on his driving career. The mandatory extraction test is taken to verify whether a driver is fully capable of competing officially after a long absence or injury problems. FIA has confirmed Kubica’s complete fitness, and the final assertion will be made on Wednesday making him likely to stage a comeback in F1 2018.

Renault is excited to receive the service of Kubica, who promised to return as a driver on an F1 paddock. The 2012 Valencia test was considered as a major landmark after Kubica’s successful arm operation, but the extraction test came in quite late for Robert, who looks set to take the 2018 F1 championship by storm.



Gerhard Berger assures that DMT could thrive even after the withdrawal of Mercedes

Mercedes made the headlines after severing ties with DMT. However, Berger has announced that DMT could make it even with two manufacturers, and admitted that the decision came in as a shock to him and DMT as a whole.




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