Formula One Driver Nelson Piquet Jr.

Formula One driver Nelson Piquet Jr was born on 25 July 1985 in Heidelberg, Germany. He is the son to famous Formula One driver Nelson Piquet. Nelson Piquet Jr has made a name for himself on his own merit, in the Formula One world.

Piquet graduated to Formula 3 at just 16 years of age. He went on to win the South American and the British Championships all before he was 20 years of age. Piquet came up against a great competitor in 2016 as he faced off with Lewis Hamilton. They fought over the Championship all year long with Hamilton pipping him at the post. This was really the high point of Piquet’s career. This was the point where Piquet progressed on his great downfall. He joined the Renault F1 team as a full seat in the year 2008 alongside Fernando Alonso. Controversy surrounds Nelson Piquet Jr and his team, the Renault F1 team. This was after he was asked by his team to crash intentionally during the Singapore Grand Prix in order to gain a sporting advantage for his team-mate Fernando Olonso. Piquet had a strained relationship with the manager of team Renault, Flavio Briatore, as he always felt he was relegated to the position of the person “who drives the other car” and having to make way for Alonso.

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On 28 September 2008, during the fourteenth lap of the Singapore Grand Prix, Formula One driver Nelson Piquet Jr crashed into a wall at turn seventeen. Piquet described the crash as a “simple mistake”. He consequently spilled the bean, to coin a phrase, after he was dropped from the team following the Hungarian Grand Prix in the year 2009. Piquet’s Formula One career was over at the age of twenty-four years old. He has clawed and fought his way back and shown great diversity and character. He has found his groove within Formula E racing and maintains the being a Formula One driver does not make you the best driver. Piquet was recorded as stating in an interview, “A driver always learns more and more. Today I’m learning, tomorrow I’ll be learning. I’m better than I was two weeks ago, I am better than I was last year, and I’m gonna be better every time I jump in a car.” This truly shows his character. Many people have shunned him as just another washed up Formula One driver trying to make a last attempt at glory.

People have quickly forgotten the promise this young driver showed in Formula One and how he pushed Champion Lewis Hamilton to the edge. He is a straightforward young man who is not afraid to speak his mind no matter what the consequences. The driver has fought hard and proven a lot of people wrong in the process. He has achieved this fall from grace in Formula One to his rise to glory in Formula E, all before he has even reached the age of 30.

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Watch out for this young man, as we have not seen or heard the last of him.

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