Events Taking Place at Le Mans Motorsport 2016

What is the Le Mans Motorsport?

Even if you haven’t heard of Le Mans Motorsport event, you must be a fan of formula ones. Watching a formula one race is not only amazing, but it’s memorable and keeps you waiting for more every minute. One of the best race competitions that is loved by many is known as Le Mans Motorsport. This is usually an automobile endurance event where the best of the best drivers gather in one place and compete. This year’s event took place in the Circuit Le Sarthe in a small region in France known as Le Mans. The event began on the 15th of June and will take will place throughout till the 19th of June 2016. However, trials were held two weeks prior the event. This will be the 84th event since the competition began. This year’s competition was organised by the Automobile Club de Quest together with the FIA World Endurance Championship.

The Participants
Participant drivers are from different parts of the world. These teams are classified according to the type of vehicle manufacture and countries they represent. For example:

1. The Porsche Team
The Porsche team are driving the Porsche 919 Hybrid, which is a new and classy vehicle. There are several teams which represent this. There are two drivers from Netherlands and one more from Germany. Tim Bernhard is the leader of the first team. On the other hand, there’s the second Porsche Team. This team is driving the same brand of Porsche vehicle. However, the team is mixed with people from various countries with Romain being their leader.

2. Toyota Racing
The Toyota Racing team could not be left out. This team will be representing the Toyota manufacturer’s group. The vehicle which will be used is the Toyota TS 050 Hybrid. Similar to the Porsche Team, Toyota Racing has two groups which are headed by different races.

3. Audi Sports Team Joest
The Audi Sports Team Joest is representing Germany in this race. There are two teams which are led by different drivers. The vehicle which is being used is the Audi R18 e-tron Quattro.

These are just a few teams which are participating in this race.

Events of the first Day & the Participants

Most of the drivers are already giving good feedback concerning the races that are taking place in this place. Mark Webber, one of the races, said that the success of any time within the race was should not be equated to the completing first before the opponent but rather it should aim to overcome the biggest article which was the need to beat the race.
Many drivers raised complaints concerning, the weather and back markers. However, they all believe that the present challenges have made the drivers to harden. The race began with a formal release of every vehicle. Every team had its members there to encourage the team member who was behind the wheels. This was a good gesture, after which vehicles were released one by one. This is the place to be in. One of the most spectacular sports events that is a must attend in the history of sports. The Le Mans Motorsport brings together both class and sports in one great amazing piece.


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