Austrian Grand Prix 2016

The Austrian Grand Prix is an annual automobile race in formula one calendar. Every year fans eagerly wait to see the drama that unfolds and in this year, the world champion Lewis Hamilton did manage to win over the German Nico Rosberg. It happened that Lewis Hamilton collided with Rosberg’s Mercedes on the last lap before he passed him to win this year’s race. The collision occurred in such a way that as Rosberg was turning into a corner, unfortunately, he was late, and when Lewis Hamilton was trying to pass him on the outside, he caused damage to Rosberg’s front wing and this made the German finish in fourth position. Below is what transpired during and after the race.

How the collision happened

After the incident had occurred, the stewards gave Roseburg a ten-second penalty and two licenses penalty points for causing the crash. Although, it made Hamilton reduce his deficit to Rosberg by eleven points in the title race. The accident happened because while the world champion was on the outside alongside the German heading into turn two, the German held him out wide. And as Hamilton tried to turn in there was a collision, and he was pushed off the track and Rosberg Mercedes had a damaged front wing. Hamilton then passed Rosenberg, who lost two more places to Max of red bull and Ferraris Kim.


What the two competitors said

After enduring a round of booing from the German and Austrian fans. Hamilton made it clear that Rosberg made a mistake in turn one. Therefore he saw an opportunity and went around him on the outside in turn two. Leaving enough room on the inside for him and it seems Rosberg had locked up, and that’s why he crashed into Hamilton. From Rosberg’s side of the story, he says that he was struggling with brakes, but went a bit deeper. However, because he was on the inside, the driver thought he could dictate his position, and so he was surprised to see Lewis turnĀ in then causing the collision.

What the team boss and the sponsors had to say

Mercedes, the sponsors of Rosberg, said that the German had a brake by wire failure. And when a race car has this type of failure it affects the rear axle of the car towards the end of the penultimate lap. While Rosberg’s boss described the collision as an act of brainless, without giving his opinion on who he felt was at fault. From the live text commentary pool, eighty-nine percent of the fans who voted in said that Rosberg was to blame for the collision.


In conclusion, the Austrian Grand Prix win is a relief to Lewis Hamilton, who thought pit errors and the questionable strategies could have cost him. Also, the world champion would have wanted to know how he ended up behind the German in the first place after having started from the pole and leading the first twenty-one laps of the race. But in the end, it was a happy moment for Lewis Hamilton.


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